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Mechanical Fabrication Specialty Our Product

Ariasiatek Industrial Fabrication is a custom fabricator of stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, abrasion resistant and alloy materials, serving all industries to meet your fabrication and welding needs.

A complete line of materials is available with competitive prices for the needs of your construction projects. Delivery of fabricated products is quick and dependable with a range of shipping options from truck and rail to barges. Competitive pricing and dependable delivery consistently allow successful projects on a true “Coast to Coast” basis.

“Hands on” involvement by the owners insures accurate top-quality work along with a personal commitment to the customer’s needs. This "can do" attitude is a welcome change in today’s busy times.


Blending Plant
We have the experience and technical ability to create all of sizes Blending Plant, from civil engineering to site erection and equipment of the machine agitator until the electrical panels
  Skid Mounted
We has the experience and technical ability to fabricate
the machinery at point of manufacture is permanently mounted in a frame or onto rails or a metal Pallet. The equipment can then be easily and securely transported as and used as a unit
  Storage Tank
Fabricate and reverse engineer process equipment and provide storage tanks in many shapes and capacities. We are specialists in Stainless Stell fabrication but can also meet your requirements in carbon or most other alloys, Light machining and turning are also available.
  Gas Packaging
There are a vast number of industries who require careful and precise packaging for their products.  The packaging system they use affects the integrity and overall quality of the product.  Packaging may prevent breakage or crushing of the product or it may ensure a sterile environment to maintain optimum safety.

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